My 8yr old just walked away from Adam & did the loser cough. We could barely discipline him for laughing. Plus it took Adam a minute to catch it. Lol


Happy Birthday to my little man Zuri aka Big Country and my cousin “Kenneth” Butler. 😉 I hope you had a great day. Love you guys!

Will be glad when Sat comes. I’m done and ready for this to be over.

Ok I need coupons. I’m watching Extreme Couponing & Adam just told me that if I can spend $100 for $2000 worth of groceries l get a new car.

Must you cut and leave on every light in my bathroom everytime you go in there child?

Just got scolded by a 6 yr old for having my cell phone on the school bus. “The sign says no cell phones Mrs Smart.” lol

I hate that I had to leave little man while he’s sick but it feels good to know that his Daddy has everything under control.