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I tried to finish and post this yesterday but as you can see I didn’t. So instead of skipping another week I am going to post late and release myself from any and all late posting guilt. My Wordless Wednesday photos, which can be found by clicking here, were taken this past Saturday at Myrtle Beach, SC. I used those 2 photos because I have become obsessed with birds ever since we put up a bird feeder on our backdoor. We got the bird feeder as a way to entertain the kids from time too time. We really didn’t expect more than maybe 1 or 2 birds to show up. But to our surprise we had lots of birds show up and a few squirrels. One day I decided to see if I could get a photo of the birds on the bird feeder. So I pulled out my camera and tripod and the obsession began. I started photographing every bird I saw. I don’t believe I got anything else done that day. Now when I’m out and about if I come across birds I pull out my camera, which is always with me, and I try to get at least 1 photo. Here are a few shots from my backyard. Until next time. Enjoy!

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Myrtle Beach

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting Myrtle Beach, SC with my family. It was a mini vacation that we all wished could have been longer. We got a chance to enjoy the beach for a few hours.


J collected shells and


made shell topped sand  castles

dsc_0257-copyN was  in true Diva/Model mode as she also collected shells.

dsc_0375-copyS also attempted to build a sand castle

z0001Z was content with throwing sand

dsc_0330-copy running in the sand

dsc_0331-copyfalling in the sand

dsc_0363-copy and covering himself in sand.

He also thought it would be great to roll around in the sand.

Hubby spent his time keeping his eye on everyone and rescuing Z from burying himself in the sand.


and I spent my time on my new obsession.




dsc_0026-copy These 2 ducks were walking in a parking lot of a gas station.

As you can see I am becoming obsessed.

After the beach we got in the pool which was hilarious because J thought by jumping in the pool he would automatically know how to swim. Oh he can swim alright just like a rock. He jumped in and we had to pull him and his wide eyes out a few times. He is very persistent.  N who didn’t want to get in that “big water” also thought she could swim. But she wasn’t as adventurous as her big brother she only walked from one end of 3 ft to the other. S tried  to be just as adventurous as J but Hubby caught her every time she jumped. Now Z who is usually our biggest daredevil jumped once but didn’t like going under. He met a little boy who he started splashing but got mad when the splashing was returned. Z splashed that little boy but when he got splashed back he told him “that’s not nice”. The little boy’s family thought he was beating Z up because Z wouldn’t stop yelling “that’s not nice. Yes he can dish it but he can’t take it. After getting back to the room we bathed ate and everybody went to bed with no problems. We have been trying to figure out how a pool will fit in our back yard. Ok so the next day we decided not to go back to the beach. After watching Z bathe in sand the day before we thought it might be best to skip the beach. My van has enough junk in it no need to add sand and possibly water. Since the beach was off limits we decided to go to the Ripleys Mirror Maze and the Ripleys 4D Moving Movie Theater. Now I wasn’t sure the maze would go over too well with N because she is super scary just like her mother but we did it anyway.  It turned out that it wasn’t scary after all. They give you 3D glasses and when you get past the curtain it is dim and you see stars.  As you walk through you can’t really see other people around you with the glasses on. I had to take my glasses off a few times because I could barely see  my kids. OK we make it through the first time and the lady tells us we can go back though the way we just came out. Because every time you go through it is supposed to be a different experience. Well this time we go through Hubby decides to let Z walk by himself. His glasses wouldn’t fit so he had no issues seeing. The only problem was he didn’t  grasp the concept of the mirror maze. He took off  and BAM he ran right into a mirror. Now I tried to grab him but he was too fast for me. Maybe it was also because I was laughing too hard.  You would think running into that mirror and the fact that it was very dim he would walk with the rest of us. Remember this is the second time we are going through. Nope Z found an opening and took off again. This time  full speed. BAM! BAM! This time the mirror put Z on his back. Now I know I should have picked him up and consoled him but I really couldn’t stop laughing this time. I was bent over holding my stomach trying hard to stop laughing as hubby tried to hide his laughter and checked on my baby. After we made it out this time the lady was like are you going again? We felt Z had lost the battle with the mirror maze so we passed. We decided to ride the 4D Movie Theater. After the 20 minute wait in the lobby we go inside and they tell us that Z and S have to sit in a special motionless area in the front of the theater. Well of course they couldn’t be alone so Hubby sat with them. N was able to ride but too scared so she sat with them also.  J and I sat there being  jerked side to side and back and forth. During the second movie I began to get a little worried because I saw J’s head jerking so hard that I thought his neck would snap. I then realized he was being a little extra. So when we were done Hubby asked if he could actually ride this time and they allowed us a reentry. Instead of sitting in the motionless front seat I took N, S and Z to the restroom. Then we sat in the lobby and waited for Hubby and J. When they were finished we showed them the restroom which was next to the Haunted House. Of course there was no way I was doing the Haunted House but they had these lights for $2. We bought 4 and the guy seemed shocked we weren’t taking a 6, 5, 3, and 2 year old into the Haunted House. To make them feel better for not going in he gave them stickers that said I survived the Ripley’s Haunted House anyway. At this point we were ready to eat. We decided to go to


The Giant Crab

Now this restaurant has a buffet with over 100 items on the menu. My kids got to have there own crab legs. They were excited. Usually I open the crab legs and share the meat. This time they got to do it themselves. J had no problems opening them but N and S didn’t like all the work that came along with eating crab legs. N tried for about ten minutes when she decided she was done. S told Hubby she couldn’t do it and had him open her crab legs. After about 10 trips back and forth to the buffet they were finally full. Ok not N and J but we told them it was time to go plus our waitress was starting to give us dirty looks. As we are leaving we stop by and pickup our free picture that they took of us in front of the shark going inside. The catch is that the picture is a wallet size and they are selling a 4×6 photo in a frame for $10.  We take our wallet size picture and leave no need for a $10 frame.  Plus I didn’t like the way the picture looked. We get in the car and start our 6 hour journey home. The beauty of this ending is that everyone fell asleep after about 30 minutes (if that long). It was the perfect ride home no fighting and asking are we there yet. Only a few stops for bathroom breaks and red bulls. Overall it was a great mini vacation. I can’t wait to go back for S’s birthday. Yes instead  of a party she wants to go to the beach for her 4th birthday. Anyway hopefully it will be an even better story. I know Z can figure out a way to top the rolling in the sand video. If only I could get the video of him going through the maze. Oh well!

Until next time!

Wordless Wednesday-Obsession


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Wordless Wednesday and Tell Me Thursday

Thank you all for your well wishes. My ankle is a lot better now. It still hurts to go up and down the stairs but I am able to walk so I can’t complain. I didn’t do a Wordless Wednesday or Tell Me Thursday for the last two weeks, although I had planned to, because it slipped my mind. Whenever I thought about posting it was a day late. I didn’t want to start the habit of posting them a day late. I know I posted my 1st Tell Me Thursday on a fri but it just seemed like I was creating a bad habit.  I want to thank Tell Me Thursday for my award that can be seen by clicking HERE! I am still new to this whole blogging thing and it feels really good when someone else recognizes me. So Thank You to the Ladies over at Tell Me Thursday for that award I really appreciate it.

Tell Me Thursday

Ok I know it is Friday but I just found out about this last night.  My Wordless Wednesday photo was taken while I was at the park with my crew. I kept trying to get a shot of the duck with his head out of the water but I don’t think he liked that idea. So I took this one. dsc_01391The reason I used this photo was because on Wednesday I felt like I was drowning. My kids can be overwhelming at times and they have me feeling like I have no control. Then as if they weren’t  overwhelming enough we added a puppy (Dallas) to the chaos. Now he has been cool since we got him so I can’t really blame him for what happened on Wednesday. But when we got Dallas I didn’t think about what we would do on the rainy days when he needed to be walked. You know those things just never cross your mind until it actually rains. Well it rained on Wednesday and it was time to walk Dallas. Ok it would be a perfect world if hubby would have stayed home from work to walk the dog so I didn’t have to. But then we wouldn’t eat and the bills might not get paid and we would lose the house and basically that just doesn’t really make any sense so scratch that idea. But it  would really be a perfect world if my backyard had a fence and I could just send the dog outside. Hubby is working on that so I won’t complain too much just yet. But know I will be back to complain if it isn’t finished soon. Ok so since my other two ideas ok one idea wasn’t available I figured since I’m home I’ll take Dallas out for a walk. Plus I did say when we discussed it a dog would help me to get up and go for my daily 1 mile (at least) walk.  Ok I get up take Dallas outside and stand on the patio as he walks around on the retractable leash. Everything was going well until he broke the leash. In my head and under my breath I’m cursing my hubby’s cheap dollar store leash or maybe I was cursing my hubby. I don’t know. But after I chased the dog and forced him back in the house to get the retractable leash we bought from Petco I took him back outside. Now maybe the first leash breaking was my sign to come inside and let hubby take Dallas back out when he came home. But no I decided to take him back out. Ok we go back out and I decided this time I’m going to actually walk around. Now why I chose to walk in my backyard is beyond me. See my backyard is on a slant that leads to a big drop into grass trees and God only knows what else.  Hence the need for a fence. So I started walking down the hill and as I get to the middle of the hill I start to slide. My right foot went forward my left foot went  back and I went down. On my way down in between screams I twisted my left foot and sprained my ankle. Now S knelt beside me and said “Mommy you ok?” At that moment I wanted to say hell no but even in pain that wouldn’t be right. So in between oohs and ouches I said “no I hurt my leg”. What does she do? Nothing but sit beside me and watch me struggle to get up. Dallas on the other hand decided to jump on the back of my head like we were playing a new game.  So as I get up and hop up the hill back into the house I notice S isn’t following me. So I say S come on and she decides that would be the day she would move as slow as she could. So I hop back outside to pull her into the house so I can call hubby because I thought my ankle was broke. I get inside and my pants are covered in mud. Damn not my favorite jeans. Ok so I call hubby a few times and get voicemail. Then I decide to send him a text message. Well he returns my call right away and I proceed to explain how I think I broke my ankle but I was on my way to get J and N from school. Oh I expected him to say I’m about to get in the car  and I’m on my way. But he proceeded to try and diagnose my pain and possibly broken ankle over the phone. Since I could move it, it wasn’t broken. It was probably just sprained. Ok that is fine but once again in my perfect world he would have found his way home to pick up the kids and make sure my leg wasn’t broken or at least get me to a dr. But that didn’t happen either. Now I think  maybe I should have blamed my day on him. If he had stayed home from work like I wanted him to he could have walked the dog , I wouldn’t have sprained my ankle, and I wouldn’t be limping around here feeling like that duck in the water.

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