Tell Me Thursday

Ok I know it is Friday but I just found out about this last night.  My Wordless Wednesday photo was taken while I was at the park with my crew. I kept trying to get a shot of the duck with his head out of the water but I don’t think he liked that idea. So I took this one. dsc_01391The reason I used this photo was because on Wednesday I felt like I was drowning. My kids can be overwhelming at times and they have me feeling like I have no control. Then as if they weren’t  overwhelming enough we added a puppy (Dallas) to the chaos. Now he has been cool since we got him so I can’t really blame him for what happened on Wednesday. But when we got Dallas I didn’t think about what we would do on the rainy days when he needed to be walked. You know those things just never cross your mind until it actually rains. Well it rained on Wednesday and it was time to walk Dallas. Ok it would be a perfect world if hubby would have stayed home from work to walk the dog so I didn’t have to. But then we wouldn’t eat and the bills might not get paid and we would lose the house and basically that just doesn’t really make any sense so scratch that idea. But it  would really be a perfect world if my backyard had a fence and I could just send the dog outside. Hubby is working on that so I won’t complain too much just yet. But know I will be back to complain if it isn’t finished soon. Ok so since my other two ideas ok one idea wasn’t available I figured since I’m home I’ll take Dallas out for a walk. Plus I did say when we discussed it a dog would help me to get up and go for my daily 1 mile (at least) walk.  Ok I get up take Dallas outside and stand on the patio as he walks around on the retractable leash. Everything was going well until he broke the leash. In my head and under my breath I’m cursing my hubby’s cheap dollar store leash or maybe I was cursing my hubby. I don’t know. But after I chased the dog and forced him back in the house to get the retractable leash we bought from Petco I took him back outside. Now maybe the first leash breaking was my sign to come inside and let hubby take Dallas back out when he came home. But no I decided to take him back out. Ok we go back out and I decided this time I’m going to actually walk around. Now why I chose to walk in my backyard is beyond me. See my backyard is on a slant that leads to a big drop into grass trees and God only knows what else.  Hence the need for a fence. So I started walking down the hill and as I get to the middle of the hill I start to slide. My right foot went forward my left foot went  back and I went down. On my way down in between screams I twisted my left foot and sprained my ankle. Now S knelt beside me and said “Mommy you ok?” At that moment I wanted to say hell no but even in pain that wouldn’t be right. So in between oohs and ouches I said “no I hurt my leg”. What does she do? Nothing but sit beside me and watch me struggle to get up. Dallas on the other hand decided to jump on the back of my head like we were playing a new game.  So as I get up and hop up the hill back into the house I notice S isn’t following me. So I say S come on and she decides that would be the day she would move as slow as she could. So I hop back outside to pull her into the house so I can call hubby because I thought my ankle was broke. I get inside and my pants are covered in mud. Damn not my favorite jeans. Ok so I call hubby a few times and get voicemail. Then I decide to send him a text message. Well he returns my call right away and I proceed to explain how I think I broke my ankle but I was on my way to get J and N from school. Oh I expected him to say I’m about to get in the car  and I’m on my way. But he proceeded to try and diagnose my pain and possibly broken ankle over the phone. Since I could move it, it wasn’t broken. It was probably just sprained. Ok that is fine but once again in my perfect world he would have found his way home to pick up the kids and make sure my leg wasn’t broken or at least get me to a dr. But that didn’t happen either. Now I think  maybe I should have blamed my day on him. If he had stayed home from work like I wanted him to he could have walked the dog , I wouldn’t have sprained my ankle, and I wouldn’t be limping around here feeling like that duck in the water.



  1. Oh wow – what a story! Much more than just a duck with his head in the water!! Thanks for participating in TMT. We hope you’ll come join us again!

  2. So sorry that you had a rough day. I could feel your pain. Hope your ankle feels better!

  3. WOW! that is quite a story.

    I hope things are looking up!

  4. […] This week one of our newcomers posted a particularly touching story about her Wordless Wednesday post and you can read her story when you CLICK HERE. […]

  5. Ouch! That’s a bad day, hope you’re feeling better. I say until the fence is up, tie a long strong rope around a tree and attach the good leash to it, let the dog run around out there on its own.

  6. Oh man what a day you had there! I hope you are starting to feel better and you have every right to blame it all on hubby 😉

    Nice photo by the way and thanks for explaining it. I would have never guess that it was being used to describe your feelings. I would have thought you were out feeding ducks for the beginning of Spring.

  7. Well in my defence I wanted to stay home that day and I wish I did, also I wanted to be on my way home after I got the text I felt bad that I didn’t go home. But I hope she knows how much I cherish her as she is the rock of our house, and my best friend and it hurts to know that she hurt herself and I wasn’t there to scoop her up a cater to her every need

  8. Great story. Too bad blame never actually works, haha. I hope your ankle is better by now… a week after you hurt it. Sometimes sprains can be worse than breaks.

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