Now realizes that sometimes all you should do for people is pray for them and let them keep it moving.


Need to thank my wonderful husband for waking me up with breakfast in bed and the beautiful flowers. Happy Anniversary Baby! I love you so much.

Made her little ones walk up Stone Mountain now we’re about to enjoy the lasershow and fireworks.

5 possibly 8 more to go. Lord I can’t wait until it’s over. Make time speed up just a little please.

Is about to put all 7 kids outside in the backyard with Gucci. Adam asked is that child abuse and I said not if we call it camping. Lol!

Arrived in Charlotte safely. Kids did very good on the plane although Zuri tried to get the pilot to pull over for a bathroom break. Zuri- mommy can he stop the plane? Me- no he can’t stop the plane. Zuri- just tell him to stop the plane. They have a bathroom at the airport. Me- they have a bathroom on the plane. Zuri- they do? Oh ok I have to pee. Lol

Finally on the plane and praying my little ones remember to use their library voices.