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Just left the budwieser superfest. Kem, Anthony Hamilton and Raheem Devaughn killed it. Jahiem seemed like he was in another world. Maybe it was just me but he looked like he was in pain doing his dance steps.

although my little ones are in school we are still learning at home. Today we are starting the countries of the week program. This week we will focus on Angola.

Is happy that all 4 of my little ones were excited and ready to go back to school. Zuri has been trying to go back for a week. I’m glad he finally got his wish. 🙂

Spending the day at six flags is a great way to end summer vacation. Time to finish getting ready for school. I think I’m a little too excited about tomorrow. 😉

Wants to know why is it that when I’m dealing with my children strangers feel the need to give their opinion. If I’m not entertaining their tantrums what makes this stranger think I need them to do it for me.

When man closes his lips, it is then that God speaks. -Hazrat Inayat Khan