needs to thank the best babysitter in the world for making my packing task so easy. Now if only I could get her to come wash fold and pack me and hubby’s clothes. NY here we come oh how I’ve missed you. 🙂


is up late enjoying her quiet home. I love my family but I love them more when they’re sleep. It is so peaceful at night. Now to come up with a plan to make this happen a couple hours during the day. 🙂

is happy and a little sad today. Happy that my little brother is growing up but sad that he’s leaving. Have a safe trip Hakim and know that you will be missed. We love you and can’t wait for you to come home.

Is glad to be back in Atl. Turks and Caicos was cool but I wasn’t impressed with Club Med. I can’t wait to see my little angels. I needed this break but I really missed them. 🙂

If my 3 yr old calls me old lady one more time I’m going to cut his tongue out and feed it to Gucci. 🙂

If my 4

Is checking out The Karate Kid. Please let this be good so I can sit through it again with the kids. 🙂