About Me

I am a wife to Adam since July 28, 2003, mom to 1 bonus child L A (12) and 4 birth kids J (6), N (5), S (3) and Z (2) a photographer and a real estate agent.  We have 2 pets a betta that always looks like he is dead until you tap on the glass and a dog named Dallas that is just like another child. I love my family but as time goes on I think I love them in pictures more. See my home is always noisy and they are never still. I crave the late nights when everyone is asleep and I can stop and think. Don’t get me wrong I miss them when they are away for more then an hour ok maybe 6 hours. But there are many days when I look at my photos and think if only I could snap my fingers to make you this still and quiet. Ok only temporary kind of like the game of see who can be quiet the longest. The only stipulation is I would control how long.

My new obsession outside of photographing my family (mostly my kids) is birds. It really doesn’t matter what kind of bird as long as it has wings. I have not gone so far as to go bird watching yet but I see that in my future. I’m waiting for Z to get a little older or maybe just a little calmer. If you don’t know Z is my busiest child. Any bird watching or photographing with Z by myself would need to be done with me putting a sleeper hold on Z.  I know that sounds like an exaggeration but trust me it isn’t.  I will post pictures and videos  proving that from time to time.

Anyway I want to try to post every day  but I won’t hold myself to that kind of guilt. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and learning  more about me, my family and our crazy lives.  Thanks for stopping by.


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